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Appraisal & Consultation

Tested Analysis.  Reliable Results.  Now That's Value.

With decades of experience, we offer our clients expertise in real estate appraisal services for various property types in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, & Illinois .

Valuation Assignments

Valuation assignments make up the overwhelming majority of our services, and are also an integral part of the other services that we provide to our clients.  These valuations involve market value, value in use, and liquidation value.  The valuations involve various property interests (partial interests, mineral interests, etc.) and right (fee simple, leased fee, and leasehold).

Mortgage Transactions

The most common part of our practice involves mortgage-related transactions.  These assignments involve both “in-house” and secondary market financing.  Our client base includes a number of local banks in our firm’s locations and a number of larger banks that are known on a national level.

Eminent Domain and Condemnation

One of our government’s powers is that of eminent domain, which gives the government the right to take one’s property for public or private use in exchange for just compensation.  This is a controversial issue that requires the service of an appraisal.  Our firm has provided appraisal services for both sides of this issue as well as expert testimony.  These cases involve highways, railroads, transmission lines easements, water/sewer easements, and navigation easements.

Litigation Assignments

Our firm provides litigation services for real estate-related conflicts that include eminent domain, insurance, divorce, and estate settlements.  We have also provided litigation services for property damages resulting from subsidence, faulty construction, and other matters related to real estate damages.

Appraisal Review

In addition to preparing our own appraisal reports, we also review the quality of work for our peers.  Many times an appraisal review is needed to check the validity and quality of another appraiser’s work.  This service is available from our firm for both lenders needing desk and field reviews as well as individuals and other entities who may have concerns about an appraisal that was done for them.

Real Property Tax Appeal

Many times there are disagreements in the assessment of real property that ultimately leads to the party responsible for the payment of the property’s taxes (owner, tenant, etc.) to paying a higher amount of property tax.  In these instances, an appraisal can be crucial in arguing one’s case for a lower assessment – and thus a lower tax burden.  Our firm has provided appraisals and testimony for real estate tax appeals.

Portfolio Valuation

Many times investors own a diversified portfolio of properties as part of their investment interests.  There are times that an appraisal is needed in order to document the value of these holdings.


Estate Valuations

Whether you are planning your own estate valuation or having to settle an estate after the loss of a family member, our team is ready to assist in any way we can to make the process easier.  This also includes the valuation of estates for IRS taxation purposes.  We have decades of experience in the valuations of estates of all sizes and property types.  If we can be of service to you in this regard then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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